Missing Link (feat. Dinosaur Jr.) (Remastered LP Version) 2004 Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
TrekMissing Link (feat. Dinosaur Jr.) (Remastered LP Version)

Artis: Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Album: The Best Of Del Tha Funkee Homosapien [The Elektra Years]: The B-Boy Handbook

Waktu rilis: 28-12-2004

Missing Link (Remastered LP Version) - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Hey, I gotta start it

MCs be carted, off

Ya soft

Dinosaur Jr. will flood that's gotta warn ya

What in blazes

Hey this, is phat

Weigh this

I'll portray this

Photographs, so the last laugh

Is mine, you're behind

For the mind, and for the soul

That's how I roll

Now I hold

The mic, with my life

Depended on it

I'm doin' ya bond it

My non gets warts it

And I'm apart from wackness

I'm separated

Did you like how I spiked the ball

Despite ya all

You could come bite a small portion

There's more in the vault

Halt, have a malt

I alta your brain patterens


Yet it's my fault

I sustain phatter blends

Of words heard, stampede

Damn he the speech with two teach?

"Just me, no simile, never flow simpily,

cause it was meant to be,

the Truth, the truth,

and nothing but the truth,

I tell it to the youth

Propelling with the proof,

in the puddin', wouldn't you like to know?

Oh, no you didn't,

my flows never quittin',

and that's the truth, the

Mothephfuckin' truth my man."


I'm on the scrimmage

Waitin' for you phucking imitations

And I'm not descriminating

Myself, when I'm making my wealth

Pure facts

It's hard for me to endure wack MCs

I lay my tracks with ease

I'm tellin' you that Del is truth

Appelin' through your arteries

You scar your knees

Bowing, praising, now when I phase in

Like Kitty Pryde

City wide

Confer to kick the rumor

Him admit he lies

The truth will set you free

When I upset MCs

Execute MCs

I do my best to mute MCs

All it takes is intelligence


I'm great with embellishments

They need a savior

So Del is sent

"Yeah, the truth, the truth,

the nothing but the truth,

I tell it to

The youth, propelling with the proof,

in the puudin', wouldn't you

Like to know?, Oh, no you didn't,

my flow is never quittin', and

That's the truth,

the motherphucking truth my man,

the truth, the

Motherphucking truth,

I'll punch you in your tooth,

ass drop the roof



You know my attributes

So don't act cute

It's moot

A closed casket

The most massive

Fluff, just me

No simile

Never flow simpily

Cause it was meant to be

Never concluded

Sever your crew with

Microlazer surgery

I get Adam split up like atoms

like the Molecule Man

Now all of you stand

Like a congregation

On the basement titric



Not carin' sharin'

Teren Jones here in clones

Wearin' bones

Skeletons, your plasma is like gelatin

And tell a friend

Who's developin'

Cause Del's intelligent

"Yeah, my lyrical technique,

will make ya body freak, my lyrical

Technique, will make ya body tweak,

my lyrical technique, will make

Ya body seek, the beaning,

double-teaming, on your motherphuckin'

Brain. Yeah, see that ho, too, yeah,

bitch phuck it slammin'."


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