Start Me Up Again (LP Version) 1988 Levert
TrekStart Me Up Again (LP Version)

Artis: Levert

Album: Just Coolin'

Waktu rilis: 18-10-1988

Start Me Up Again (LP版) - Levert

Written by:Ronald Browne/Roy Williamson/Traditional


You'll never get enough


Uh uh uh

Always want more ooh but I like it


It feels real it feels good


Uh uh uh uh


Come on uh ooh uh uh


Dooby dooby doo ooh


Startin' me up


Startin' me up


Girl you know


You turn me on


Uh I want you you know I do


How can I get through to you


I wanna be with you

There you go woh woh woh


Oh startin' me up again there you go baby


There you go woh woh woh no yeah

Startin' me up again yeah


Every time


Thought you were mine


My heart beat is fast fast


I want you bad so bad


You should know I love you


And never never never let you go no no


Don't you understand


I wanna be your man your man


Startin' me up again

There you go you sure


Startin' me up again startin' me up startin' me up baby


There you go ooh darlin' there you go there you go

Startin' me up again yeah


Every time you touch me you don't know how it feels


Ooh my temperature rises uh uh uh


I never felt this special I never felt so real


Till I looked into your eyes


Uh uh uh uh

Girl I want you want you bad


The finest thing I ever had

Startin' me up


I love you baby I love you baby ooh

There you go baby baby baby

Startin' me up again baby baby baby baby sugar

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