Rubbin Off The Paint 2018 YBN Nahmir
TrekRubbin Off The Paint

Artis: YBN Nahmir

Album: YBN: The Mixtape

Waktu rilis: 07-09-2018

Ayy ayy gang gang

Ayy ayy ayy gang gang

Ayy ayy ayy gang gang

Ayy ayy ayy gang gang

They say Lil Nahmir where you been at I'm just passin' a breeze

I been runnin' up a check That's why these *******es on me

I been coolin' layin' low But I'm not takin' a seat

But just know a ******* back And this time I won't leave

I been runnin' runnin' runnin'

Gotta check me a bag

I got hunnids on my neck And I got Trues on my ass

*******s said I'm goin broke Well I just take it and laugh

I be speedin in that foreign with Five-O on my ass

But I'm that ******* I won't ever change

Rubbin' off the paint smokin' dank

Got a Uzi in my lap I let it bang

Free Lil Tay know he keep a 'K But he not Tay-K

I up the chop and let it blow him Watch this ******* heat his face

I'm that ******* And all my young *******s pullin' triggas,We gorillas

We let this ******* off until you feel us For you *******s

That's always on IG with them yiggies takin' pictures

Is you really gon' use 'em Or you just loafin' for them *******es

You *******s really hoes And you be acting like these *******es

You *******s say y'all silent But y'all probably in there snitchin

Most the *******s that's around me throwin C's like they crippin'

But they do it for the twins

Free Lil Corey and Lil Christian

But I'm rockin with my shooters and that's mandatory

One up top like I'm Mozzy ******* I keep a 40

You say I'm lackin' ******* try me Shoot you and yo' shorty

I'm cookin up in the lab like I'm Rick and Morty

40 poppa hit a mobsta Turn your brain to pasta

Hit a opp up Dreads swangin' just like I'm a Rasta

Smokin' ganja and I'm zooted Walkin' in my Pradas

Any ******* test my gangsta ******* I'ma pop 'em

And we ain't throwin hands with you ******* *******s

It's one up top up in that chamber Better duck *******

*******s dissin on Lil Valley He get slumped *******

We shoot his body then we lay him in that trunk *******

I'm one-hundo

******* that's on my life I will never fold

A ******* speakin on Lil Quay Well then that ******* gotta go

I'm really small but I can fight But I'ma still up that pole

For you *******s think I'm ******* You gon' have to show me hoe

Police always at my *******' crib I don't tell 'em *******t

I'm really rappin bout this ******* life That I ******* live

But I be coolin' Tryna focus on them *******' dividends

But if it's money on yo' head Well I'ma ******* get it man

Ayy ayy ayy gang gang

Ayy ayy ayy gang gang

Ayy ayy ayy gang gang

Ayy ayy ayy gang gang

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