Never Get Around To It 1996 Bryan White
TrekNever Get Around To It

Artis: Bryan White

Album: The Right Place

Waktu rilis: 01-01-1996

歌曲:Never Get Around To It (LP Version)


Still got your picture up on the wall

I can’t take’ em down

I keep expecting you to call

But you don’t make a sound

Time ain’t supposed to pass this slow

I should have forgotten you long ago

I just never get around to getting over you


I’m tired of putting it off till tomorrow

Should’ve done it yesterday

No gain in drowning in my sorrow

And just wasting away

Just when I think I got it made

You never fail to get in the way

I just never get around to getting over you


If I could just convince myself

To open my eyes and see

You’re not the one for me

Then I could start all over

And get on with my life

And be free from your memory

I could be free


(you see) you’re still here after all this time

And I can’t erase you from my mind

I just never get around

Never get around, baby

Never get around to getting over you


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