Destiny 2004 Petra

Artis: Petra

Album: Unseen Power

Waktu rilis: 13-04-2004

Destiny (LP Version) - Petra

time is a gift on loan


fate is already known


it's your destiny to make it to the end

it's your destiny to go against the trend

heavenly destiny, destiny


plans are already laid


debts are already paid


it's your destiny, your place

within His will

it's your destiny, you alone can fill

heavenly destiny oh...


when you gonna see you're meant to be

you're chosen out of history


no one else can take your place

the one and only in the human race

one of a kind

when you gonna see He has a will

for you and only you fulfill your destiny




the steps of a righteous man


are led by a Master's plan


it's your destiny, don't forsake the call


it's your destiny, a stone within the wall

it's your destiny, no accidental call

it's your destiny, you were meant to be

it's your destiny, only you can see

heavenly destiny...oh destiny


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