River Of Life (Album Version) 2002 Jonathan Butler
TrekRiver Of Life (Album Version)

Artis: Jonathan Butler

Album: Surrender

Waktu rilis: 18-06-2002

River Of Life - Jonathan Butler

Everyday, I see your face


Like a prayer, I pray each day

That my heart would be whole

And my soul be filled

And my mind nearing you, with you


With your arms open wide


I can see in my mind


Your letter just waiting for me


I run, I walk, I fly like a bird


I swim to the sea like a pearl


But I'm drifting away


Yeah, to the river of life


Oh, to the river of life


You're my river of life


Like a tower, you're my grace


Like a shield, fear every place


Surrounding with angels, the millions above


I stand on the mountain top, just show me your love


The glory around you, is all on my head

Cleanse me from everything I've done

Everything I said

I walk, I run, I swim to the sea


I fly like a bird, like the eagle with wings

And I fly to your arms, deep down inside

And I fly to your arms 'cos you're my river of life


the river You're of life


Yeah, I fly to the river


I run to the ocean sea


I know the flowing in me


All the sounds that I hear inside of me

River, yeah

So and I run to the ocean, I circle the sea


To the river of my destiny, to the place where I'll be

Safely in your arms tonight, 'cos you're the river of life


Yeah, yeah, river of life


To the river of life


The river of, the river of, the river of life


Yeah, the river of life

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