Trial 1, "All Men Are Equal" 1993 Philip Glass
TrekTrial 1, "All Men Are Equal"

Artis: Philip Glass

Album: Einstein on the Beach

Waktu rilis: 24-09-1993

Trial 1, All Men Are Equal - Philip Glass

In this court, all men are equal You have heard

those words many times before. All men are equal But

what about all women ? Are women the equal of men ?


There are those who tell us that they are.


Last week, an auspicious meeting of women was held in

Kalamazoo. The meeting was addressed by a very

prominent lady who is noted for her modesty. She is so

modest that she blindfolds herself when taking a bath.


Modesty runs in her family. She has a nephew who is

just ten years of age. Sometimes, the nephew says I'm

going to the forbidden name store. The little fellow

is too modest to say I'm going to the A & P. Well,

here is what that modest lady said to the gathering of

women in Kalamazoo :


My sisters : Thetime has come when we must stand up

and declare ourselves. For too long have we been

trodden under the feet of men. For too long have we

been treated as second-class citizens by men who say

that we are only good for cooking their meals, mending

their socks, and raising their babies.


You have a boyfriend, and he calls you his queen.


Then, when he marries you, he crowns you. These are the

kind of men who, when they become romantic or, I should

say, when they are in a certain mood, they want to kiss

you and kiss you and kiss you again.


My sisters, I say to you : Put your faces against it,


and, if the man takes from you without your permission,


look him squarely in the face, roll your eyes at him,

and say to him How dare you, you male chauvinist pig !

You put that kiss right back where you got it from.


My sisters, we are in bondage, and we need to be

liberated. Liberation is our cry. Just yesterday, I

talked with a woman who is the mother of fifteen

children. She said Yes, I want to be liberated from

the bedroom.


And so, my sisters, the time has come when we must let

this male chauvinist understand that the hand that

changes the diapers is the hand that shall rule the



And now, my sisters, let us stand and sing our

national song. For the benefit of you who have not yet

memorized the words, here they are


The woman's day is drawing near, it's written in the



The fall of men is very near, proclaim it from your



Sisters, rise ! You flags unfurl ! Don't be a little



Say Down with men, their power must end : Women shall

rule the world

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