Modigliani 2001 Book Of Love

Artis: Book Of Love

Album: I Touch Roses: The Best Of Book Of Love

Waktu rilis: 13-03-2001

Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) (LP Version) - Book Of Love

Darkest night candlelight

your hands were soft

your skin too pale

white on white

I had to turn away

from your light

I could see you laugh at me

you knew what I was thinking inside

with one look of your all seeing eyes


your eyes Wear the disguise


I'm lost in your eyes

Your glance felt

like a knife

so clear, so blue

I was swimming inside

I was swimming inside

You'll always be

real to me

I took one look

I could fly away

stare, stare

in your all seeing eyes

till starlight

your eyes You wear the disguise

I'm lost in your eyes


your eyes ,You wear the disguise

your eyes



gli occhituoi

mi anno fatto innamorare


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