Woman Don't You Know 2004 Petra
TrekWoman Don't You Know

Artis: Petra

Album: Come And Join Us

Waktu rilis: 20-04-2004

Woman Don't You Know - Petra

I know that you been scheming

Trying to run my head around

But I know all about you girl

You've been lost, but I've been found

Woman, don't you know?

You ain't gonna pull me down

I told you 'bout a new way

Of livin' life and having fun

I told you 'bout the Spirit

And walking in the light of the Son

Woman, don't you know?


I ain't gonna come undone


You need yeam

You know the life


It changed life


I told you about Salvation

But you don't seem to want no part

You've been trying to take me

You've been trying to steal my heart

Woman, don't you know?

I ain't gonna have no part

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