The Same Situation 1974 Joni Mitchell
TrekThe Same Situation

Artis: Joni Mitchell

Album: Court And Spark

Waktu rilis: 01-01-1974

The Same Situation (LP版) - Joni Mitchell (琼妮·米切尔)

Again and again the same situation


For so many years


Tethered to a ringing telephone

In a room full ot mirrors

A pretty girl in your bathroom


Checking out her sex appeal


I asked myself when you said you loved me

Do you think this can be real


Still i sent up my prayer


Wondering where it had to go


With heaven full of astronauts

And the lord on death row


While the millions of his lost and lonely ones

Call out and clamour to be found


Caught in their struggle for higher positions


And their search for love that sticks around


You've had lots of lovely women

Now you turn your gaze to me

Weighing the beauty and the imperfection

To see if i'm worthy


Like the church

Like a cop

Like a mother

You want me to be truthful

Sometimes you turn it on me like a weapon though

And i need your approval


Still i sent up my prayer

Wondering who was there to hear


I said send me somebody


Who's strong and somewhat sincere


With the millions of the lost and lonely ones

I called out to be released


Caught in my struggle for higher achievements

And my search for love

That don't seem to cease

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