My Stunning Mystery Companion 2002 Jackson Browne
TrekMy Stunning Mystery Companion

Artis: Jackson Browne

Album: The Naked Ride Home

Waktu rilis: 24-09-2002

My Stunning Mystery Companion (LP版) - Jackson Browne (杰克逊·布朗)

What with all my expectations long abandoned


And a future I no longer saw my hand in


How I found you is beyond my understanding


My stunning mystery companion


I know that you don't want to be

Out here forever on this road


Or live among the boxes


Where all my past lives have been stowed


Maybe you're thinking of some place


With a garden by the sea


Where we could slow down

And you could put a little more work in on me


What with all my expectations long abandoned


My solitary nature not with standing


You're the one who pulled me

Out of that crash landing


My stunning mystery companion


Right now I can't quite remember

The cause of all my tears


I hear you laughing and somehow

The past just disappears


Maybe you were joking when you said

You'd take me for ten years and no more


Maybe you've had the best of me


But you could take another ten years and be sure


What with all my expectations long abandoned


And a life that just gets more and more demanding


There's no doubt that you're the reason I'm still standing


My stunning mystery companion

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