Somewhere 1973 Aretha Franklin

Artis: Aretha Franklin

Album: Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky)

Waktu rilis: 14-02-1973

There's a place for us

Somewhere there is a place for us


Peace and quiet and open air


It waits for us somewhere


There is a time for us


I know is that a there time for us


Time together with just a little bit of time to spare


The time to learn, oh, time to care




We'll find a new, a new way of living


We'll find a way of forgiving




There is, there is a place for us

I I know, I know, I knowknow, I know,


There is a place for us


Hold my hand and we're halfway there


Hold on to my hand and I'll, I'll take you there


Some day, some, somewhere


I'll take you somewhere

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