Finest Lovin' Man (Remastered Version) 2001 Bonnie Raitt
TrekFinest Lovin' Man (Remastered Version)

Artis: Bonnie Raitt

Album: Bonnie Raitt (Remastered Version)

Waktu rilis: 16-10-2001

Finest Loving Man - Bonnie Raitt

The man I'm loving

Don't worry about me running around


You won't ever find my baby

Hustling after me all over town


He don't have to shout

He don't even have to call

Knows I'm coming home

Even if I got to crawl


He'll get me when he wants me

He's the finest loving man around


When he gets up in the morning

Or when he comes home late at night


You know the man's always hungry

Knows I'm gonna cook it up just right


He don't ever hurry


He just takes his time


Just a little taste is all it takes to make him mine

He'll get it when he wants it


He's the finest loving man around


Some women they act just

Like their men will never come to no good


You know they are always on the cheat

never treat him like a good woman should


You want him to do you right

Honey that ain't the way


You got to love him all night

You do just what he say

And you get just what you give out

That's the only way to gain his faith


Now me and my baby

We always know just what we're putting down


And we know we'll be together

Til the day when something better comes around


Til that day comes

You won't hear me complaining


I'll take him as like he is

cause you know I can't change him

I'll love him best I can


He's the finest loving man around


Oh yeah yeah oh oh oh oh

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