Story of You 2004 Jimmie Dale Gilmore
TrekStory of You

Artis: Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Album: "After Awhile"

Waktu rilis: 28-12-2004

Story of You - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

I don't think I remember when we met


I don't think I feel any reason to forget


The world that's driven you to me


And made my story of you


The time I spent a tellin' you

That I really love you

Do you know


The place I made for you


And do you know


The backstreets I've gone through


To find that time is not your friend


And what I must uncover


To understand the life you've lived

If life is not your lover

Let me know


The changes you have made


Love I am alone


And I am not afraid


To walk this world with anyone


And never walk it cryin'


To live my life with all the world

And never live it lyin'

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