The Pirate Of Penance 1968 Joni Mitchell
TrekThe Pirate Of Penance

Artis: Joni Mitchell

Album: Joni Mitchell (AKA "Song To A Seagull)

Waktu rilis: 01-03-1968

Artist:joni mitchell

Songs Title:the pirate of penance


The pirate anchored on a wednesday


And why he came to port I wonder


To see a lady so my friends say


She dances for the sailors

In a smoky cabaret bar underground


Down in a cellar in a harbor town


I know he told her love was treasure


And they would reap the fullest bounty


He only comes to port for pleasure


So when the winds of morning

Blew the curtains in she woke and found hed gone


I saw his sails unfurling thursday dawn


The pirate he will sink you with a kiss

Hell steal your heart and sail away


Saturday early we met in the cove near the forest


Hell leave you drowning in the flotsam of a broken promise in the bay

(dancing we wakened the dawn and the birds into chorus)

He came again to see her

Yes I think they told me it was saturday


(ask penance crane she was out in her garden she saw us)

I was at sea then

I didnt see them


I dont believe what you are saying

It isnt true I hardly knew him


Is this some game that you are playing


Go ask the dancer shes the one who saw him last


The one who drew him here


He hasnt come to me since spring last year


There was a time when he would

Bring me silks and sandalwood and persian lace


(then came another goodbye and another please dont go)

And he would hold me close

And tell my sailing stories by the fireplace

(all night I dance and all day I keep watch with my sorrow)

I was at sea I tell you I was

Nowhere near the mentioned murder place

(searching for sails that dont come

And I guess but I dont know)

Go ask the dancer

She knows the answer


I dont know

She knows the answer


I dont know


She knows the answer


I dont know


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