Not To Blame 1994 Joni Mitchell
TrekNot To Blame

Artis: Joni Mitchell

Album: Turbulent Indigo

Waktu rilis: 25-10-1994

The story hit the news

From coast to coast


They said you beat the girl


You loved the most


Your charitable acts


Seemed out of place


With the beauty


With your fist marks on her face


Your buddies all stood by

They bet their fortunes

And their fame


That she was out of line

And you were not to blame


Six hundred thousand doctors


Are putting on rubber gloves


And theyre poking

At the miseries made of love


say They theyre learning


How to spot

The battered wives


Among all the women

They see bleeding through their lives


I bleed


For your perversity


These red words that make a stain

On your white-washed claim that


She was out of line


And you were not to blame


I sayheard your baby

When he was only three


Daddy, lets get some girls


One for you and one for me.


His mother had the frailty


You despise


the And looks

You love to drive to suicide


Not one wet eye around

Her lonely little grave


Said, he was out of line girl


You were not to blame.


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