I Won't Mind 2004 Audra McDonald
TrekI Won't Mind

Artis: Audra McDonald

Album: How Glory Goes

Waktu rilis: 09-03-2004

I Won't Mind - Audra McDonald

I wont mind sitting by your cradle

Singing to you softly

far into the night


I wont mind playing peek-a-boo for hours

To see that look of wonder

wonder and delight


soon they’ll be asking

where is babys nose

where is babys shoe

where is babys hand

clever little boy will

say lizzy taught him that


I wont mind reading you a story

quaking like a duck

chirping like a bird


I wont mind when you ask me to repeat it

so you can say it with me

knowing every word


you needent worry if theres choc

on your hands jelly on your face

porage on my skirt run

to me and ill be there

hold you when to your hurt’

they’ll say Aunty lizzy can’t say no

theyll say Aunty lizzy spoiling you

they’ll say aunty lizzys wrapped around your finger


ill say yes its true


i wont mind knowing that your mother

showers you with isswes

bakes your favorite bread


I wont mind when I see your father lift you

and swing you to his shoulders

high above my head


they may be busy

I can take you skating

I can take you sleding

Flying down the hill

If they wont build a snowman

Aunty lizzy will


They’ll say aunty lizzy holds to tight

They’ll say aunty lizzy Cant let go

They’ll say aunty lizzys really not you aunt any way


You’ll say ’t no sothat isn


In my heart I will keep a secret

foolish little secret

hidden from restthe


in my dreams

you’re my own

my very own

and I'd blanket you with love as I hold you to my breast


lizzy hes nit yours lizzy in his life your part if very small


if one day a toy shoul break or maybe playing patty cake


youll call me mama by mistake

I won't mind at all

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