You Talk A Lot 1995 Dave Stewart
TrekYou Talk A Lot

Artis: Dave Stewart

Album: Greetings From The Gutter

Waktu rilis: 28-02-1995

You Talk A Lot - Dave Stewart

laugh a lot Yes you


talk a lot No You


never stop

No you never stop

But you never talk about


The way you feel


The way we make each other feel


You celebrate


And cut a cake

Yes you couldn't wait

No you couldn't wait

But you never thought about the way I'd feel


The way you made somebody feel


Do you believe in all you hear

Your husband's sick

Your sister's queer

Your mouth is full of shaky teeth

From dreams that make you disbelieve

That all I've ever said and done was

Wish you well and have some fun


Have some fun


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