Orange Crate Art (Album Version) 1998 Van Dyke Parks
TrekOrange Crate Art (Album Version)

Artis: Van Dyke Parks

Album: Moonlighting-Live At The Ash Grove

Waktu rilis: 10-02-1998

Orange crate art was a place to start


Orange crate art was a world apart


Home for two with view of Sonoma

Where there's aroma and heart


Memories of her orange crate art

Orange crate art and a rockin chair

Barnyard gate waitin some repair


Trust in fate and sweet inspiration


You could go bust to replace


Just what is here by the case


Hear the lonesome locomotion roar

Hobo hop on if you dare


And it rools where grapes of wrath are stored

Stops on a bracero's prayer


From the vine of a vintage cru


Comes the wine of this rendezvous

Room for two in view of Sonoma


Back when Ramona had heart


Memories of her orange crate art

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