Beyond This World (Album Version) 1989 Jungle Brothers
TrekBeyond This World (Album Version)

Artis: Jungle Brothers

Album: Done By The Forces Of Nature

Waktu rilis: 01-11-1989

Beyond This World - Jungle Brothers


Round and round, upside down

Living my live underneath the ground

Never heard of and hardly seen

A whole lot of talk about the red, black and green

So dirty you didn't wanna deal with it

So funky you didn't wanna got with it

But that's alright, no problem, cool

Sent to the earth to educate the fool

Waiting around for my shell to crack

After that you can't hold me back

Looking out for the danger signs

Jungle bros bringing forth a change in times

Left, right, some ask from which angle

Straight up the middle, reality's the riddle

Sending a message to the old and young

Confused about where I come from

What planet? what channel? what station?

Afrika from the zulu nation...

Confused, no landing, no understanding

But I knew not to give what life was demanding

Found a new tab, thought I'd take a grab

Tired of brothers who feign to backstab

Beating a bigger drum, better days will come

And if they don't come, I'll get up and make some

First you crawl before you walk

First you think before you talk

I found in life that you wear a hard hat

Protect your mind and bad things will stay back

Vultures flocking around on corners

Snakes slide through our law and order

Years slip away and I get older

Leaves hit the ground and it gets colder

My heart pumps faster so I get bolder

That's when I ask my brother to...take over!

My mellow, uncle sam!

(ladies and gentlemen, live from the planet rock we have the


You see some listen but still don't hear

Some seem far but are real near

I climb a mountain to reach a kingdom

And if they're willing, sure I'll bring them

Think to the needy and then to the greedy

Rely on the heaven and earth to feed me

Move to the motions of the moon

(take out your shades!) cause the sun comes soon

To plan my day I look at the sky

I see rain and I still ask why...

Broke the airwaves, trying to make waves

Finally came through but came in mono

Frequencies I kept on fighting

Satelliting what I was writing

Three years, finally got through

Came through in stereo...

So hello everybody and how y'all doing?

We gonna say a few words and keep on stepping

People watching to see what we would do

Live on air you heard us say to you:

The city's a jungle and we are the brothers

This so-called king of the jungle will run for cover

All of your minds have been set into a trance

So instead of fighting out our problems...

We order y'all to dance!

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