Sergio Leone 2002 Jackson Browne
TrekSergio Leone

Artis: Jackson Browne

Album: The Naked Ride Home

Waktu rilis: 24-09-2002

Sergio Leone (LP版) - Jackson Browne (杰克逊·布朗)

He came round here with his camera and


Some of his American friends


Where the money is immortal and the killing never ends


He set out from Cinecitta through the ruined streets of Rome


To shoot in Almeria and bring the bodies home


He said


I'll be rich or I'll be dead


I've got it all here in my head


He could see the killers' faces and


He heard the song they sang


Where he waited in the darkness with the Viale Glorioso gang


He could see the blood approaching and


He knew what he would be


Since the days when he was first assisting


The force of Destiny


He worked for Walsh and Wyler with the chariot and sword


When he rode out in the desert he was quoting

Hawks and ford


He came to see the masters and

He left with what he saw


What he stole from Kurosawa he bequeathed to Peckinpah


From the Via Tuscolana to the view from Miller drive


He shot the eyes of bad men and kept their deaths alive


With the darkness and the anguish of a Goya or Van Cleef


He rescued truth from beauty and meaning from belief

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