I Am So Ordinary (Album Version) 1995 Paula Cole
TrekI Am So Ordinary (Album Version)

Artis: Paula Cole

Album: Harbinger

Waktu rilis: 10-10-1995

I nearly died I suicided softly

I saw her shadow through the cafe window

I watched you lean across the table

I watched you whisper in her ear

And she is your holy Mary

And I am so ordinary

And you can use me if you want to

I know you need me just like an old soft shoe

She looks like me but a bit prettier

She's a skater and a ballet dancer

I saw her on your motorcycle

In the seat I thought was meant for me


And when your mother came to Boston you disappeared

And then I saw you three together

I guess she makes the best impression

With her charming femininity...


Oh but I am the one you will call when alone

And I am the one who will give when she's gone

And so I give

So I give

I tell myself that love is truly giving

Somehow I justify this

Hoping you will understand me

Hoping you will love me back

And she is your holy Mary

And I am so ordinary

And she is your Queen Cleopatra

And I'm just your morning after

And she is your Star Spangled Banner

And I am just Frere Jaque

And you can lose me if you want to

And I am so ordinary

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