Whore!  Where Are You?! (Album Version) 2004 Adam Sandler
TrekWhore! Where Are You?! (Album Version)

Artis: Adam Sandler

Album: Shhh...Don't Tell (U.S. PA Version)

Waktu rilis: 13-07-2004


Whore! Where Are You ! (Album Version) - Adam Sandler

Whore! You get out here! You hear me?


You get your whore ass out here!

Whore?! I don't need this today, whore!

Do not denfy me, whore! Show me

your whore face or your really gonna be in for it!


Alright, that's it, whore!


I'm coming after you!

I'm tired of your whore bullshit!


Are you in the bedroom? Whore?


No! Not in the bedroom.


I bet the whore is in the guest room


No whore! Maybe there's a whore under the guest bed?

What?! No whore again! Well, then,

where the fuck is the whore?! Whore!


You meet me in the living room!

I'm not fuckin around anymore, whore!


I'm counting to three!


One Two Where the fuck are you!? Bitch

whore! That'shit! Three!


Whore, whatever I did, I'm sorry

I take it all back, whore


Come on, whore,

I'll take the swing dance class with you...

I was in a bad mood when you asked!

Now what? Yes?


How you doing?

Fine, can I help you?

I have a FedEx here for Miss


Oh, I don't think she's here right now

Alright, well, you wanna sign for it?


Ah, definitely... uh.. uh, what do I do?

What do you do?

Ah... you write your name right here

I'm not used to signin for stuff

the whore usually takes care of all that

kind of bullshit

I see... well...

I don't know where she is!

Ya know, it's not like the whore disappeared

without leavin a note like that

I'm not sure who you're talkin about

That's no biggie

But, hey, if you do see the whore, you tell to come

home, she'll get what's coming to her...


Hey, you have a good one, huh?

Yeah, you too



Fuckin FedEx


Who's mailing shit to the whore?

That's what I wanna know.

God damn whore gettin overnight mail


I'm not gonna open it

I don't want the whore callin me a snoop or sum shit


where are you? Whore?


Hi babe!


Where the hell were you, whore?!


I was freaking out over here!


I went to the bank

I saw Carol and we had coffee

Uh.. Wha? Oh! How is Carol?

She's okay

she's dealing with a lot of crap

right now with the divorce...


That's the tough thing


You would never want to divorce me, right, whore?

No! And would you stop calling me whore?

It was fun last night, let's just

keep it in the bedroom

Yes! I mean, sorry about that, Tina


Oh! I got a FedEx for you! I signed

for it and everything!

Oh, thanks

Just leave it over there, I'll open it later

Definitely! You open it whenever you want!


It's your FedEx!

Oh, one more thing

I forgot to pick up sum diet soda for the girls,

they're coming over later

Could you go to the store for me now?

No problem, Tina

Thanks, sweetie

I'm gonna go take a shower

Really! Cause... uh...

maybe I could come take shower with you?

No no They're gonna be here soon


Sum other time, though, okay?

Next time's good

I'll go get the soda, Tina See you in a bit, huh?

Okay, bye! Don't take too long

Okay, bye bye


Look at that bird

Stupid bird, get your ass out of here!


Fucking whore bird just shit on me!

God damn whore bird!

You'll get yours! Now I need a tissue!

He fucking shit on me!

He's the one who should get a tissue!



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