Waiting for Christmas 2018 John Legend
TrekWaiting for Christmas

Artis: John Legend

Album: A Legendary Christmas

Waktu rilis: 26-10-2018

Waiting for Christmas - John Legend (约翰·传奇)

Lyrics by:John Stephens/Dan Wilson/Raphael Saadiq

Composed by:John Stephens/Dan Wilson/Raphael Saadiq

All the trees alight all the hearts streaming

The town has come to life waiting for Christmas

I still feel low searching for some meaning

Until you come home I'm waiting for Christmas with you

Christmas without you a long dark shade of blue

I feel like I've been waiting here forever

All the gifts arrive all the children singing

Gathered 'round the fire waiting for Christmas

I could sing along but I can't find the meaning

The melody feels wrong I'm waiting for Christmas with you

Oh when I see your face on this Christmas day

I'll know the light of love brought us together

But until that hour my eyes will be wide open

I'm like a little child waiting for Christmas

When that morning comes we can count our blessings

It was worth it all along waiting for Christmas with you

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