The Nigga Ya Love To Hate 2001 Ice Cube
TrekThe Nigga Ya Love To Hate

Artis: Ice Cube

Album: The Greatest Hits

Waktu rilis: 01-01-2001

I heard payback's a motherfucking nigga

That's why I'm sick of gettin treated

like a goddamn stepchild

Fuck a punk cause I ain't him

You gotta deal with

the nine double limb

The damn scum

that you all hate

Just think if niggas decide to retaliate

They try to keep me

from running up

I never tell you to get

down it's all about coming up

So what they do go

and ban the AK?

My shit wasn't registered

any fucking way

So you better duck away

run and hide out

When I'm rolling real slow

and the lights out

Cause I'm about to

fuck up the program

Shooting out the window

of a drop-top Brougham

When I'm shooting

let's see who drop

The police the media

and suckers that went pop

And motherfuckers

that say they too black

Put em overseas

they be begging to come back

They say keep em on gangs and drugs

Yyou wanna sweep a nigga

like me up under the rug

Kicking shit called street knowledge

Why more niggas in the pen

than in college?

Now cause of that line

I might be your cellmate

That's from the nigga ya

love to hate

Yeah, ha-ha, it's the nigga you love to hate

Ay yo baby,

your mother warned you about me

It's the nigga you love to hate

Yo, you ain't doing nothing pops

for the brothers

What you got to say for yourself?>

You do like how I'm living?

Well, fuck you

Once again it's on,

the motherfucking psycho

Ice Cube the bitch killa cap peeler

Yo runnin through the line like Bo

It's no pot to piss in

I put my fist in

Now who do ya love to hate

Cause I talk shit

and down the eight-ball

Cause I don't fake

you're begging I fall off

The crossover might

as well cut them balls off

And get your ass ready for the lynching

The mob is droppin common sense and

We'll gank in the pen will shank

Any Tom Dick and Hank or get the ass

Fake it ain't about how right

or wrong you live

But how long you live

I ain't with the bullshit

I meet cold bitches no hoes

Don't wanna sleep

so I keep popping No-Doz

And tell the young people

what they gotta know

Cause I hate

when niggas gotta live low

And if you're locked up

I dedicate my style in

From San Quentin to Rykers Island

We got em afraid of

the funky shit

I like to clown so pump up

the sound

In the jeep make the old ladies say

Oh my god wait

it's the nigga ya love to hate



Yeah come on fool

It's the nigga you love to hate

Yeah run up punk

It's the nigga you love to hate

you are calling girls bitches?

You ain't all that

That's all I hear, bitch, bitch

I ain't nobody's bitch>

A bitch is a....

Soul Train done lost they soul

Just call it train cause

the bitches look like hoes

I see a lotta others damn

It almost look like the Bandstand

You ask me did I like Arsenio

About as much as the bicentennial


I don't give a fuck about dissing

these fools cause they all scared of

the Ice Cube

And what I say what

I portray and all that

And ain't even seen the gat

I don't wanna see no dancing

I'm sick of that shit listen to the hit

Cause yo if I look and

see another brother

On the video tryin to

out-dance each other

I'm a tell T-Bone to pass the bottle

And don't give me

that shit about role model

It ain't wise to chastise and preach

Just open the eyes of each

Cause laws are made to

be broken up

What niggas need to do

is start loc-ing up

And build mold

and fold theyself into shape

Of the nigga ya love to hate

The Nigga Ya Love To Hate - Ice Cube

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