The Holla-Day For You 2017 Anna Kendrick; Justin Timberlake; Zooey Deschanel
TrekThe Holla-Day For You

Artis: Anna Kendrick; Justin Timberlake; Zooey Deschanel

Album: TROLLS Holiday

Waktu rilis: 27-10-2017

The Holla-Day For You (《魔发精灵的假期》电影插曲) - Anna Kendrick (安娜·肯德里克)/Justin Timberlake (贾斯汀·汀布莱克)/Zooey Deschanel

Written by:David P. Smith/Eric Goldman/Michael Corcoran/Killian Gray

Holla day

Holla day

Holla day

Poppy break it down

Good for holiday

We present it to you

A spark shining day call little palooza

Homie guy tell me take the mind

And give a bird in something they gon' like


When you wake up in the morning


Where is the tinny where is the stormy

Open the door for the big surprise

I bless the beautiful shoes in your eyes

Good palooza good palooza

Good palooza


Oh yeah

Oh they got in there


Maybe the holiday is not really cool for us

I don't think they celebrate that way

That's OK

We got trolls holiday

Biggie tell them about tickle day


We celebrate with tickles

Get tickles

Get tickles

Get tickles

By spiders


Tickle day


Clearly now you run dear a fun

You sign Chenille show me another one


Everyone will scream her ray

And there lay dray phone curried

We got lessors as sparkly glow

So everyone enjoy the show

And they be flown shoot bubble in the air

You'll be blinded by the lights what you just won't care

Lay for little switch get a bubble bon bon

Cause a party and no party without lessors and phone

Lessors and phone

Lessors and phone

Lessors and phone

Phone my lessors


This stingers

It don't sing like Bergen things



OK now the holiday for you

It's all good roomie have we through


You gotta be kidding me


Oh your family is ride to gather round

They will enjoy the imagistic song

I call you here from miles away

For twenty four hours and fool lose will days


I like this sale



This whole thing is been great

Thank you

And you're great for doing again

Thank you again

But it's a disaster


We win

You know that wise whole thing

Go bigger go home


Maybe we should go



Ok that's not what I meant

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