Show Me your Love 2001 Elva Hsiao
TrekShow Me your Love

Artis: Elva Hsiao

Album: Elva First

Waktu rilis: 01-10-2001

Strange as it may seem I have waited for this day all my life

Or will they close their eyes Softly sigh and turn away


Although I know they say That to love you have to give your love away

Your train is going to leave

Tell me how am I to say goodbyetoday


Will it be like a scene From a picture show long ago


Will you turn and hold me tight

Swear that youll never let me go


Will the audience cry And dream of having love like ours someday

Or will they close their eyes Softly sigh and turn away

Show me your eyes What do they see

What are your looking for Could it be me

Now is the time Now is the moment for your love to live

Show me your heart What does it yearn for

If we only had A moment more

If you turned would you know It´s you I´m dreaming of

Just like a fairytale That I used to know long ago


I´ve found my prince at last Now tell me why he has to go


And when the years have passed

Will your heart still see me as I am today

Or will your memories Flicker once then fade away


Show me your eyes Turn back to me

What am I crying for Now you´ll be free


Gone from my life Gone with the days of lonely wondering

Show me your heart what does it beat for

Have we been friends or something more


If you turn then youll know It´s you Ill dream of

Show me your eyes just show me your heart show me your

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