Hope Against Hope 2019 Quentin Sulaiman; nothingtoproud
TrekHope Against Hope

Artis: Quentin Sulaiman; nothingtoproud

Album: Perception

Waktu rilis: 25-01-2019

Pull up, the world is my driveway

Paving the road Imma make ay

Driving alone can be scary

As long as you’re not feeling lone-lay

Life is a drive and there’s no end

Only gas stops and some pee breaks

Along the way you gotta make friends

And you gotta be ready for some aches

Cos life ain’t a ten

Most of us gotta work so we’re eight

It ain’t easy but we wanna be great

Sacrifice our time like cheese on a grate

(It’s hard)

And through the pain we learn to get up

Fallen to the deepest of valleys

Only to soar like a rebirth, a phoenix

But just like a phoenix

Before you’re reborn, now, you gotta be burned

Crash, as hard as you could

So your revival is one that is earned

When I was younger I was a lost child

Smart and bright and got a future they said

Later on I grew up with no guide

Bitter and angry but I’m not yet dead

Thought I was lost but I did lose my drive

Surrounded by people but not on the heart

I may be in crowds but they made me feel lonely

And then I realized that I’m not one and only

Life is not always what we expected it to be

Sure, we have expectations on how it would become


Friendships that last forever

Relationship that can withstand whatever

And moments that we’ll remember together

But life is not a feel-good story

Where everything goes smoothly

Without anything ever goes awry


Life is an epic

Where the you as the protagonist stumble and fall

Humiliated and berated

And your journey feels like a series of ill-fates braided

But It’s not.

Do what you can and fight with all your might

Make sure that when the dust settled, you’re still here standing

And when you continue your drive, please remember that

Everybody’s driving their own journey

So, don’t forget to take a look back, reach out with your hand

And help each other out.

Cos you’ll never know when you need it.

Loneliness can make you feel abandoned

Like a stray cat or maybe even worse

Just a kid growing up, no companion

Everything you do often feels like a curse

When I was younger I wanna blame others

But now I see

Now I know that I can only blame me

For my own sins and misdeed

Got a whole lawn Imma weed

Out and I’m takin a heed

So I can feel some more heat

And change ‘em up to some beat

Cos now I’m packin’

Tryna make reds get it stackin’

Getting the bag get it rackin’

Tryna make something that I can have pride in

And now Imma be on my way

No longer feels like I’m cray

Now I can see more than gray

And all that life has to offer, but hey,

I’m still the old me

Keeping on me, quality

Still the same hands that’ll reach you and me

Still the same stupid but now I'm more me

And If you need help

Don’t be afraid to reach out

We gotta help one another

And don’t you feel like a bother

Cos we’re all sister and brother

Holding hands cos we’re here for each other

Struggling through we help one another

Cos in this life, we’re in this together

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