Wasn't There A Moment 2010 Michael Feinstein
TrekWasn't There A Moment

Artis: Michael Feinstein

Album: Such Sweet Sorrow

Waktu rilis: 16-02-2010

You know I really can't recall the details

It's horrific how the memory fails


As it fades into a blow, I forget just how things were


My mind's become a wanderer


But wasn't there a smile once so remarkable


That's it's still on fire in my book of dreams


That pile of memories, all of you


But when I saw it then through


Why do I never find a clue

To why that kissing smile withdrew


Wasn't there a moment where I knew?


Wasn't there a time when life was beautiful?


Like a pantomime


When actors move sublimely sure of what they do


And my regrets are through


But there's one mystery I still pursue


When life was beautiful and blue


Wasn't there a moment?


I can't recall the moment


But wasn't there a moment


When you loved me too?

Wasn't There A Moment (LP Version) - Michael Feinstein


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