Suddenly 2012 Hugh Jackman

Artis: Hugh Jackman

Album: Les Misérables: Highlights From The Motion Picture Soundtrack

Waktu rilis: 01-01-2012

Suddenly I see

Suddenly it starts

When two anxious hearts

Beat as one.

Yesterday I was alone

Today you walk beside me

Something still unclear

Something not yet here

Has begun.


Suddenly the world

Seems a different place

Somehow full of grace

And delight.

How was I to know

That so much love

Was held inside me?


Something fresh and young

Something still unsung

Fills the night.


How was I to know at last

That happiness can come so fast?

Trusting me the way you do

I’m so afraid of failing you

Just a child who cannot know

That danger follows where I go

There are shadows everywhere

And memories I cannot share


Nevermore alone


Nevermore apart

You have warmed my heart

Like the sun.


You have brought the gift of life

And love so long denied me.


Suddenly I see

What I could not see

Something suddenly

Has begun

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