Hold On To Jesus 2004 Erin O'Donnell
TrekHold On To Jesus

Artis: Erin O'Donnell

Album: No Place So Far

Waktu rilis: 01-06-2004

Hold On To Jesus (LP Version) - Erin O'Donnell

You're a little piece of heaven

You're a golden ray of light.


and I wish I could protect you

from the worries of this life.


but if there's one thing i could tell you


it's no matter what you do


hold to Jesus, He's holding onto you


The world will try to tell you


that might is more than right


and beauty's on the outside


and being good's a losing fight


but remember what i've told you


'cause the world will make you choose


hold to Jesus, Hes holding onto you


Hold on to Jesus, and cling to his love


rest deep in his mercy, whenever things get rough


and don't recite of his goodness

and don't ever doubt this truth, that when you hold onto

Jesus He's holdin onto you. (Yeaaaa)


Hear me dear Jesus,

rock this little one to sleep


keep her close when she's scared, and

give her grace when she is weak.


I know she'll stumble, but i know she'll make it through

if you hold onto just like you said you do


hold her jesus so she'll hold on tight to you


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