Why Me Baby? 2004 Keith Sweat
TrekWhy Me Baby?

Artis: Keith Sweat

Album: Keep It Comin'

Waktu rilis: 26-10-2004

Why why me baby

I need to know why


Why me baby


What did I do girl what did I do

Why why me baby


You broke my heart


Check this out honey


It seems like 99 years have gone by

Since the last time I talked to you


you know


I never realized that somethin' so innocent and so sweet


Could make a man feel so much pain


Times you'd jump out of my car and I'd chase you

till I was out of breath

Go to your job and pick you up

But you never showed up that day


Where were you baby

Who was you seein'

it's a hurtin' feelin' sugar


How could you

why would you abuse my love sweetheart

Cursin' me out in front of my friends


And I could never do anything to you


Cause there was no way I could hurt somethin' I treasured so much


Thought I was right on time

but it seems like I was too late


You hurt me baby


But hey I'm man enough to admit it

What I wanna know is why


Why why me baby


Tell me why baby tell me why

Why why me baby


Tell me baby


Why why me baby


Tell me baby


You broke my heart baby Check this out




Yo' the way it happened was crazy


We had a argument


I didn't see you for two or three days

And then when I go to the movies to get you off my mind

I see you sittin' there holdin' hands with the next man


Caught you on the phone a couple of times but it was always your cousin


Step off just a friend


People used to tell me

L she was fakin'

But I couldn't see it

I was blinded by love


Nothin' was too expensive


No night was too rainy


I was always there for you


I did things few call me a fool for doin'


Droppin' your friends off all that


All I wanted in return was your undivided attention and love


If my heart had eyes it would cry


You're the center of my world


Life is worth livin' love


Tell me why


Why why me baby


Why would you do it to me

baby yeah yeah

Why why me baby


You hurt me so bad when you left me baby


Why why me baby


You broke my heart baby

Tell ‘em what time it is Keith

Why Tell ‘em what time it is

I walk around talkin' to myself


Thinkin everything is nothin'


Am I goin' crazy baby


I look at the photograph that we once shared


And think about the moment yeah yeah


About each other


Remember the poems I used to say to you girl


There's a right and a wrong way to love somebody


I'll always give all my love to you


I'm on a merry-go-round and round


Girl how deep is your love


I've got to go outside in the rain


It's not too late to make it last forever


Why why why why me


No baby no baby

no baby no baby no baby


No no no no no


Somethin' natural


Ooh do you know

do you know how much I love you


You were my woman and I was your man


Oh girl I'll never never never

never never never understand

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