She's Fiendin' (Skit) 2002 Trick Daddy
TrekShe's Fiendin' (Skit)

Artis: Trick Daddy

Album: Thug Holiday

Waktu rilis: 06-08-2002

She's Fiendin' (Skit) (Final Edited Album Version) - Trick Daddy (崔克·迭地)



Girl what's wrong calm down


Tell Me What's Wrong

Slow Down Slow Down Slow Down Calm Down Slow

Down Slow Down


Girl he didn't call me he won't call me

Who Won't Call You Slow Down Slow Down


Trick Yea I Keep Callin' Him

You F**k Trick


I Told You Not To F**k That Ni**a

Why He Won't Call Me


He Got Dat Double Dose Sista Don't Do Dat


Girl I'm Fienin' FOr It girl

Thas Wat I'm Tryna Tell You You Got Me

I Took A Year To Get Ova Mine

'Cause It Waz So Long It Waz So LOngggg


Yea I Know

It Waz So Long

I Know Girl I Know Guess

What I'm Call Him Ryght NOw For You

Ok Tell Him Tell Him To Call Me OK

I'm Call Him Ryght Now I'm Call Him Ryght Now

Don't Worry Bout A Thang

I Gotchu


F**k dat ima all dat ni**a fo me

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