Send in the Clowns 1998 Shirley Bassey
TrekSend in the Clowns

Artis: Shirley Bassey

Album: Let Me Sing And I'm Happy

Waktu rilis: 30-06-1998

Send In The Clowns Little Night

Isn't it rich?

Are we a pair?


Me here at last on the ground,

You in mid-air..


Send in the clowns.


Isn't it bliss?


Don't you approve?


One who keeps tearing around,

One who can't move...


Where are the clowns?


Send in the clowns.


Just when I'd stopped opening doors,

Finally knowing the one

that I wanted was yours.


Making my entrance

again with my usual flair


Sure of my lines...

No one is there.


Don't you love farce?


My fault, I fear.


I thought that you'd want what I want...


Sorry, my dear!


And where are the clowns

There are to be the clowns

quick,send in the clowns

what a surprise who could foresee

I'd come to feel about you

What you felt about me?

Why only now when I see

That you've drifted away?

What a surprise...

What a cliche...

isn't it rich,isn't it queer

losing my timing this late is my career

and where are the clowns

quick send in the clowns


don't bother, they're here

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