No More Pain (LP Version) 2003 Point Of Grace
TrekNo More Pain (LP Version)

Artis: Point Of Grace

Album: 24

Waktu rilis: 16-12-2003

No More Pain - Point Of Grace

She sits by the window with wandering eyes

She has a song in her heart

And a golden disguise

Her body is torn because age doesnt heal

Shes not letting on

About the pain that she feels

But she knows in her soul

That it wont be too long

til jesus comes back

To carry her home...


Where there will be no more pain

No more sorrow

No more waiting

For illusive tomorrows

There will be no more pain

No more dying

No more striving or strain

No more pain

My minds eye remembers the trouble Ive seen

All I have been through,

And how I long to be free

But I learn by her patience that I need her resolve

To wait for the opening of eternitys halls

And I know that in time we will stand side by side

When jesus comes back receiving his bride

(repeat chorus) 3x

No more pai


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