I Did Time (LP Version) 1994 Luka Bloom
TrekI Did Time (LP Version)

Artis: Luka Bloom

Album: Turf

Waktu rilis: 14-06-1994

What did you do inside?

I did time


What did you learn inside?


Precious time


Every book's a gift of gold,


You hang on every word


Every moment in the light,


You pray won't be disturbed


Every note of music is completely heard


Who was your friend inside?


Passing time


What was your dream inside?


The end of time


It's a tomb you lie in,


You know you cannot leave


So you learn to look inside to find the love you need


From your loneliness, sometimes reprieve


Many loved ones come and go,


They say I'm skin and bone


But in their eyes another world is mine to touch and own


That moment passes, once more I'm alone


What did you do inside?


I did time

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