Strange Town 1992 Matt Bianco
TrekStrange Town

Artis: Matt Bianco

Album: Samba In Your Casa

Waktu rilis: 24-02-1992

What kind of love am I feeling

That I can't let go

I feel lost in a world that I thought I had control

{Chorus :}

When the night becomes the day

And you're trying to forget

You ever felt this way- no, no, no

Since you've been gone

I live in a strange town

I try don't know what

But I can't find my way out

Girl, since you've been gone


I've been back down the road to the places

Where I used to go

Is it me that I see on the place

I used to know


How many times

Can I deny

This hurt I'm feeling inside

It doesn't take a fool to realize

That you'll backnever come


Don't you know that

I can't take another day

Can't take another night

'Cause there's no way out.

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