Someone To Watch Over Me 1994 Dennis DeYoung
TrekSomeone To Watch Over Me

Artis: Dennis DeYoung

Album: 10 On Broadway

Waktu rilis: 01-01-1994

Someone To Watch Over Me (LP Version) - Dennis DeYoung

There's a saying old

Says that love is blind


Still we're often told


Seek and you shall find


So I'm gonna seek a certain girl


I've had in mind


Looking everywhere

Haven't found her yet


She's the big affair

I cannot forget


Only one I ever think of

With regret


I'd like to add her initials


To my monogram


Tell me who is this shepherdess


To this lost lamb?


There's a somebody

I'm longing to meet


I hope that she turns out to be


Someone to watch over me


I'm a little lamb

who's lost in the woods


I know I could always be good


To one who'll watch over me


Although she may not be the girl

Some men think of as pretty


To my heart she carries the key


Won't you tell her please to

Put on some speed


Follow my lead


Oh how I need


Someone to watch over me


Someone to watch over me


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