Lone Wolf (Album Version) 1997 Jerry Jeff Walker
TrekLone Wolf (Album Version)

Artis: Jerry Jeff Walker

Album: Lone Wolf:The Best Of Jerry Jeff Walker/Elektra Sessions

Waktu rilis: 23-12-1997

Frosty breath on the hillside, see that sun goin' down

Tracks in the snow to the city below


The lone wolf now he's coming to town



Lone wolf, he's lonesome and looking tonight


Oh you lone wolf, lock up your women and hide


Sneakin' down the back streets of town, he lives on the lam


Takes what he can, not giving a damn


You know how he is, he just do what he can




Any fool can look in his eyes see that he's been around


Any movement better not make a sound


You know it's cold just livin' on the ground


Like a lone wolf, lockin' up the women tonight


Oh, lone wolf, lonesome and lookin' tonight

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