How Close? (O.S.T. LP Version) 2004 The Sum Of All Fears

TrekHow Close? (O.S.T. LP Version)

Artis: The Sum Of All Fears

Album: 恐惧总和电影原声The Sum of All Fears

Waktu rilis: 28-12-2004

so many nights

have passed me now those giddy lights

they chased me down all frozen time

is melted in an early sun

does anybody know me now?

did anybody notice how?

always leaving at an early hour

'yeah, take good care, i'll see you around'

'oh hey, hi'

every little eccentricity

and all the little things that have stayed with me

all of my electric memories

spread across my head like some hot disease

every single thing that i said to you

every little thing that i tried to do

not on one thing does this life depend

so tonight i'm gonna see where this darkness ends

‘cause i'm drowing in unforseen


drowing in unforseen circumstances


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