The Jungle Line 1975 Joni Mitchell
TrekThe Jungle Line

Artis: Joni Mitchell

Album: The Hissing Of Summer Lawns

Waktu rilis: 01-11-1975

The Jungle Line (LP版) (Live) - Joni Mitchell

Written by:Joni Mitchell


Rousseau walks on trumpet paths


Safaris to the heart of all that jazz


Through I bars and girders through wires and pipes

The mathematic circuits of the modern nights


Through huts through harlem through jails and gospel pews

Through the class on park and the trash on vine

Through Europe and the deep deep heart of dixie blue


Through savage progress cuts


The jungle line


In a low cut blouse she brings the beer


Rousseau paints a jungle flower behind her ear


Those cannibals of shuck and jive

They'll eat a working girl like her alive


With his hard edged eye and his steady hand


He paints the cellar full of ferns and orchid vines


And he hangs a moon above a five piece band


He hangs it up above


The jungle line


The jungle line the jungle line


Screaming in a ritual of sound and time


Floating drifting on the air conditioned wind


And drooling for a taste of something smuggled in


Pretty women funneled through valves and smoke


Coy and bitchy


Wild and fine


And charging elephants and chanting slaving boats


Charging chanting down


The jungle line


There's a poppy wreath on a soldier's tomb

There's a poppy snake in a dressing room


Poppy poison


Poppy tourniquet


It slithers away on brass like mouthpiece spit


And metal skin and ivory birds

Go steaming up to rousseau's vines

They go


Steaming up to Brooklyn bridge


Steaming steaming steaming up


The jungle line

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