My Medea 2004 Vienna Teng
TrekMy Medea

Artis: Vienna Teng

Album: Warm Strangers

Waktu rilis: 24-02-2004

My Medea

歌手:vienna teng


inside the labyrinth walls

there lies a tiny child who sleeps alone

and as the daylight falls

the wind becomes so wild across the stone

for I have made her prison be

her every step away from me

and this child I would destroy

if you tried to set her free

so come to me my love

I'll tap into your strength and drain it dry

can never have enough

for you I'd burn the length and breadth of sky

for it's my thoughts that bind me here

it's this love that I most fear

and this child I would destroy

for I hold her pain most dear

no haven for this heart

no shelter for this child in mazes lost

heaven keep us apart

a curse for every mile of ocean crossed

for I must die for what I've done

a twist of fate a desert sun

for I see what I destroy

sweet reflection knife into me

for I see what I destroy

I can see what I've begu


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