Retrograde 2018 nothingtoproud

Artis: nothingtoproud

Album: Retrograde

Waktu rilis: 07-10-2018

Do you see that?

The butterfly we used to see with beautiful wings

Creatures that used to Fly high through the cloud nine

Now pretty no more

Can you feel it?

Oxygens that used to be inhaled freely

Now it’s felt so heavy and dirty

Fuck sovereignty!

We all need to live where arguments and paradigms are not things government can mold with


Dont let your freedom chained!

By aggravating regulation nor loser’s opinion!

Listen to my advice, baby!

Set your freedom free!

Another place

Another mass

Another behave

We all are gotta face

So here we are

Playing surviving games

Forgetting about

All bloods that have been shed

You best believe sunrise is waiting

At the end of the darkness you’re crawling on

You can rely on your fantasía

To stand as high as Annapurna

Crying, dying, sacrificing

Crying, dying, sacrificing

Again and again!

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