Me And Sarah Jane 2003 Genesis
TrekMe And Sarah Jane

Artis: Genesis

Album: Three Sides Live

Waktu rilis: 03-03-2003

Me And Sarah Jane (Live) (1994 Digital Remaster)-Genesis

The fires are burning in another land


Don't start counting don't start counting


Colder and colder the ice is moving closer

And it gets me down


Going round and round and down the same old track


Pack on my back going swiftly nowhere


Heart in my ear beating like a drum


Where will you go


All by yourself


Hah hah hah hah hah hah


And now I'm standing on the corner


Waiting in the rain


But then in sunlight without warning


I invent a name


Me and Sarah Jane


We had a special thing going


Me and Sarah Jane

It was a time of love and laughter


It wouldn't come again


We had our round of joy but after


Then began the pain


Me and Sarah Jane

We had a special thing going


Me and Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane


Searching for a clue

Traces on the sand


First I'm flying going round round round


Then I'm sliding going down down down


Doesn't matter where I start I always end up


Crawling through those same old crowded rooms


Me and Sarah Jane

We had it coming


All the pain


Walking down the streets


And finding nothing is the same


And now the city lights are dimming one by one

It costs too much money to keep them all on


Me and Sarah Jane


In silence walk along the shore


Tears of joy and mocking laughter


Words lost in the wind


The tide was rising


But there we stayed

We had no fear of dying


We weren't afraid


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