In Blue Hawaii 2004 Brian Wilson
TrekIn Blue Hawaii

Artis: Brian Wilson

Album: Smile

Waktu rilis: 16-11-2004

In Blue Hawaii - Brian Wilson (布赖·威尔逊)

Written by:Brian Bennett/Bruce Welch/Hank Marvin/John Rostill


Water water water water


Is it hot as hell in here or is it me


It really is a mystery


Water water water ooh

If I die before I wake


I pray the Lord my soul to take my misery


I could really use a drop to drink


Somewhere in a placid pool and sink


Feel like I was really in the pink


I lose a dream when I don't sleep

I'm slumbering


There's still a promise we must keep


I'm wondering


Wa wa ho wa Hawaii

Wa wa ho wa Hawaii lay beyond the sea

Wa wa ho wa Hawaii Hawaii back to me


Wa wa ho wa Hawaii Hawaii


Oh I could use a drop to drink right now


In a waterfall back there in Hawaii

Take me to a luau now

And lay before me holy holy cow


Down in blue Hawaii


So far away from blue Hawaii


Aloha nui means goodbye





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