Still Mine (feat. Wale) ((Explicit)) 2019 Elhae; Wale
TrekStill Mine (feat. Wale) ((Explicit))

Artis: Elhae; Wale

Album: Trouble in Paradise

Waktu rilis: 22-02-2019

Still Mine (Explicit) - Wale/Elhae


I wanna go where you go go stay where you stay

I wanna grow but you're still the same

I wanna know what you know take what you take

I'm in your soul only god knows a way to change

You tell me you love me but is that the truth

Truth truth


'Cause it's hard to tell by the things that you do

I don't know why I come back

But I do but I do back to you

Texting you out of the blue

You're mine you're mine yeah

You're mine you're mine yeah you're you're mine

You mine no

You're mine uh ayy yeah yeah

You're mine

Oh oh yeah

Whoa ooh

You're mine you're mine you're mine

You're mine oh yeah

We was on the way yeah

Every couple weeks

You would fly to the eastside eastside

Tell me what to say yeah

Start out with the games and you throwing up the peace sign

It's kinda hard to breathe it's kinda hard to see

I know you don't wanna leave yeah 'cause I know

You you do


D**n tell me what you need tell me what you want

D**n 'cause everything we have we just let it go oh

Tell me what I should believe in now

Believe in now believe in now

One thing that I know

You're still mine mine yeah

You're mine you're mine yeah you're mine

You're mine

You mine no

You're mine uh ayy yeah yeah

You're mine


You're mine

Tell me what you want and play your part

I see some darkness in you girl

That's why you worry about my thoughts

And if my heart is true

Tell me what you want I bet I got you

Probably got two more just like you

And I like you but I like them but they not you

Just send your photo on my line

Can't take no more are you around

Can't say it's love that's ill advice

Rather live not alive than live a lie

Shawty my shawty I got what you need

Pull up that drop top 2019

You got that old ya-ya but not from the bay

But my bae acting grown-ish like

Yara shahidi yeah

I'm on the way I'm on the way

When I'm done with the p***y you'll be a lake

You could find you another that give

You life and you love him

But when I'm done with the p***y

You'll need a wake baby

Rip to it I don't gotta cling to it

Cold heart most bro's gotta ski to it

I broke hearts broke phone that's some weak moments

I wrote songs wrote poems never speak to it

Don't tell me you leaving although you is though

You hit the massage and you get my lyrics though

I'm fearing you find somebody that wants you more

Facing love's bumpy road tryna be clear is all

You still walk away from me

I still call you wait for me

I still follow I'm chasing you

Forever my lady 'til the day you go and change your number

Change your number

You're mine yeah


You mine no

You're mine uh ayy yeah yeah

You're mine

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