I Have No Doubt (LP Version) 2003 Point Of Grace
TrekI Have No Doubt (LP Version)

Artis: Point Of Grace

Album: 24

Waktu rilis: 16-12-2003

I Have No Doubt - Point Of Grace

Sometimes I dont know where Im going

Where the road this leading me

Life can be full of so many changes

So many uncertainties

But theres one thing thats constant in this heart of mine

Its knowing that youre gonna love me, come rain or shine


I have no doubt

That you will never leave me

That youll be there to keep me safe and warm

I have no doubt

No matter where you take me

That nothing can separate me from you, lord

I dont know what youve planned for tomorrow

Or what lies up ahead for me

Pleasure, pain, worry or sorrow

Today is as far as I can see

You may see fit to take me through the valley, lord

Or on the mountain

It makes no difference where I go


(bridge) 1

I wanna run away


From that voice that I hear calling

But Ill be quick to answer and obey


Nothing could separate me

Nothing could ever separate me


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