Let's Rock & Roll (Demo) 1993 Ritchie Valens
TrekLet's Rock & Roll (Demo)

Artis: Ritchie Valens

Album: The Ritchie Valens Story

Waktu rilis: 15-06-1993

Let's Rock & Roll (Demo) - Ritchie Valens

Well she rocks me

and she takes me all night long


Well sometimes, baby,

I don't know what made you jump


'Cause you've got me runnin',

you got me rollin' all night


Well come on little baby,

come and shake with me


We're gonna rock just 1, 2, 3

and now that I'm winning all my night

I just don't know where to fly

So come on, let's rock and roll


Because right on me yeah yeah no more


Well let's go once again round and round

Never never stop just lookin' around

'Cause I love you so oh


and I'll never let you go

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