Big Nose (Album Version) 1994 Saafir
TrekBig Nose (Album Version)

Artis: Saafir

Album: Boxcar Sessions

Waktu rilis: 27-09-1994

Released I'm down count it's a

Lifestyle for the regular

No five. o you may catch me in some

Old british knights

Some mark fives no cellular hobo

Brova's are ready to go

Concentrate fundamentals I extend

My defense give my man the ric some

Breathin' room fresh air see sparks

As he strikes the bounce

Is on ''cause brova's got runnyn' pass

Game the aim is for me to rip

Shit up I like nut in ya cup I don't give

A motherfuckin' fuck

Wit style it's the bignose the pro-file is

Ta rip brova's be pullin'

Cards it's the bignose

***Lirik didapat dari pihak ketiga***

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