Benji's Queer (feat. Doug Dale) (Album Version) 2003 Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
TrekBenji's Queer (feat. Doug Dale) (Album Version)

Artis: Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

Album: Come Poop With Me (U.S. Version) (PA Version)

Waktu rilis: 04-11-2003

Benji's Queer (Album Version) - Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

All right.

Who of you remember the television show

called The TV Funhouse?




Tonight we have special surprise,

for those of you who give a shit.


My good friend, bring him on here, EL DOUG!


Well I really miss the Anipals.

Oh, that's so sweet.

You like animals, don't you?

I like animals, yes.


And who's your favorite animal? Yes?

Well I have a song I want to sing

about my favorite animal.


Yeah, a little guy named Benji.


Fuck You!


He goes on an adventure,


and he always saves the day.


That why we love our Benji.

Even though we know he's gay!

Oh yes.

Benji's gay, Benji's queer.

He takes his doggy bones from the rear.


He laps up jazz like Norm drank beer.

And that's how we know that Benji's queer.


Why are you saying that?

Triumph, Benji's not gay.


Have you been living under a rock?

Just keep going.


He saved his kidnapped owner,


and he saved pups from a flood.


He always gets a boner,


from his poster of Air Bud.

Oh yes.

Benji's queer, Benji's gay.

He sees 2 balls and he barks "HOORAY!"


He gave head to the Shaggy DA.

And that's how we know that Benji's gay.


You know, Triumph

I think you're being a little bitter.


Bitter? Who's bitter?

I'm just stating a simple fact.

But it's a terrible thing to say about Benji.

Now, Doug, Doug, it's not so bad.

You konw compared to

what most animals do,

these famous celebrity animals, it's pretty soft.

I tell you.



Yes. Doug, It's the famous ones it's like perv city.

Take a listen.

Eddie from Frasier pays a pug,

and watches him fuck his wife.


And Beethoven can only come

when he's gasping for his life.


Now Old Yeller, liked his golden showers,

that how he got his name.

I always stop.

And Spuds bangs dogs that were put to sleep,

then spews from his own shame.



That's right, Doug.


Pretty ugly isn't it?

Yes, it is.

So you see, it's really not go that bad that

Benji's queer, Benji's gay.

He sees 2 balls and he barks "HOORAY!"


He served more cock than a Chick-Fil-A.

It's totally fine that Benji's gay.


Good God Hes Queer!


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